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What we do

Our full-time missionaries have helped to establish church plants, orphanages, nutritional farms to feed malnourished children, discipleship training schools, safe houses to fight the sex slave trade, marketplace ministries and so much more. In addition to reaching out with the Gospel wherever possible, our FI missionaries and teams are used for extended cross-cultural training for missionary interns.


Who we are and where we came from

FIRE International is the full time missionary sending arm of FIRE (Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism) based in Concord, NC. Our purpose is to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord by impacting this generation with the fire of revival by raising up an army of radical, Spirit-baptized laborers committed to taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth – By Life or By Death.

The Great Commission is our vision. FI provides oversight and pastoral care for our missionaries wherever they serve. FI missionaries have established bases in various countries in order to reach the un-reached peoples of the world. They also serve as training grounds for new missionaries going out. Later these new missionaries may launch out to plant new churches and new works to reach more people for God’s glory.

God is releasing His anointing by His Spirit to bring Revival Fires upon the earth today. Partner with us and help us spread the FIRE!

What is our vision?

Our Purpose is to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord by impacting this generation with the fire of revival by raising up an army of radical, Spirit-baptized laborers committed to taking the gospel to the ends of the earth – BY LIFE OR BY DEATH!

The great commission IS our mission (MARK 16:15-18)

  • Staff - Who makes up our FI team?

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    Dr. Josh Peters

    President and General Director

    Dr. Josh Peters is the President and General Director of FIRE International. His gifting as an apostolic teacher enables him to prepare thousands to reach the world with the fires of revival. He travels the world with teams, giving potential missionaries their first exposure to foreign cultures.
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    Dion Light

    Assistant Director

    Dion Light serves as Assistant Director for FIRE International and is on faculty at FIRE School of Ministry. He provides pastoral guidance to the missionaries as well as oversees the day-to-day operations. Dion has a passion to see radical worshippers of Jesus comprehend the supremacy of God in missions and become equipped to embrace the Lord’s call to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

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    Tobi Peters

    Pastoral Care/ Accounting

    Tobi Peters oversees the accounting department and handles all official correspondence with the government and ECFA. She also proofs all newsletters and major correspondence from the office. Her other main focus is on pastoral care for all the FI women. Through email, skype and phone calls, she contacts the majority of the ladies on a monthly basis. Her desire is that every woman feel they have a safe place to share their hearts, hurts, and concerns, as well as their triumphs and joys.

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    Jubilee Meehan

    Communications Director/ Administrative Assistant

    Jubilee is the communications director for FIRE International. She receives, edits, formats and mails every missionary newsletter, as well as processes all personal mail for the missionaries. She also writes and formats the semi-annual FI letters that go out with the contribution statements. She is the hub for prayer requests and testimonies from our missionaries, and helps coordinate our annual FI Missions Conference. She also helps to keep the FI website up to date, creates missionary highlights making our missionaries’ work public, is the administrative assistant of Dr. Josh Peters, and much more.

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    Elizabeth (Betty) Berube

    Finance Department

    Betty handles all of the day to day financial processes of FIRE International, including processing contributions, accounts payable, monthly missionary reports and payroll. She works hard to help the missionaries stay on top of all the required paperwork that keeps Uncle Sam happy. She personally handles every penny of the more than $2 million dollars that come through the FI office every year. Betty’s accounting background and education helps to keep our finance department working according to proper accounting standards. She has a heart for the Lord and is a true worshipper.