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Tanzania is part of the mass vision for Africa and the world that God has given to Peter and Mary. Their passion is for souls and to invest time into people’s lives! God has given them a vision to see the family unit restored and also to pour into others through discipleship, equipping and teaching them to be lovers of God and full time ministers in today’s world through Market Place Ministry and more. Their goal is to help people realize their gifting and God-given talents in order to develop and utilize those gifts through starting small businesses to further the Kingdom of God.

God has also given them a vision to plant a girl’s home called “House of Hope” for disabled, orphaned/abandoned, abused young girls, ones not wanted by their families or that have been pushed into forced prostitution. In 2010 God provided the money and they purchased one acre of land for the future House of Hope Girls Home. Currently that land has a security Gate and fence that’s been built, a bore hole/water well that has been drilled and the first building on the property is being built. We are currently in the throes of construction (visit us at www.houseofhopetz.org if you would like to see current pictures) but still in need of more money. The remaining building costs for the first building is $35,000 dollars. This is to finish the electric, install all plumbing, plastering the walls and purchasing and installing toilets, sinks etc. 

The total remaining cost of this project as a whole which includes finishing the first building and then building the second building will approximately run $100,000 dollars.

Peter and Mary have embraced a life call to Tanzania and have settled there as Peter has lived in Tanzania for over 30 years and Mary went over as a single missionary in 2003. They married in 2007 and together are living with their children, and working full time in Tanzania, East Africa. If you would like to contact them please e-mail at: maryablaze@gmail.com or street.pj@gmail.com.

Tanzania Village Ministry (video)



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