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About Glenn Love and His Mission in Charlotte, NC

My name is Glenn Love and I have been a student of leadership since 2003. That is when I first saw the big picture and learned that people - and relationships with people - are much more important than organizations. During my 35-year professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with some great leaders and some not-so-great leaders. I have learned much from both.

In November of 2017 I launched the first phase of my mission to find great leaders in the Charlotte metro area.  I call this mission Big Picture Leadershipsimply because I am looking for Big Picture Leaders— leaders in all facets of business, government, education, arts and entertainment, medicine and law who understand that their work as a leader is much, much bigger than themselves and the organizations they lead. As I find these Big Picture Leaders, I am documenting their journeys, the lessons they have learned about leadership, and the advice they have for the next generation of leaders coming up behind them.

The second part of my mission is to find students of Big Picture Leadership — those in the Charlotte metro area who are eager to learn first-hand from Big Picture Leaders. While there are thousands of business schools, best-selling books on leadership, and popular podcasts on how to be an effective leader, there doesn’t seem to be much available in the way of Big Picture Leadership training and mentoring in the Charlotte area. This is why I am on this mission.

I am conducting these missions strictly on a non-profit basis working as a domestic missionary to the marketplace. I have been licensed and commissioned by FIRE International, a global missionary-sending agency headquartered in Concord, NC, that provides oversight and pastoral care for missionaries all over the world including domestically here in the USA.

To learn more about me, my background and my family, please visit https://workplacemissions.org/about

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