Stacy Hepburn is a Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about merging scripture with counseling, to accelerate healing for individuals seeking breakthrough and change. Stacy recognizes the power of partnering with the Holy Spirit and incorporating her gift to counsel through discipleship, relationship, and evangelism. She observed that several individuals (whether saved or unsaved) were walking in deliverance at a pace greater than traditional therapy, whenever Jesus was invited into the healing process.
She combines her passion for music, social work and culture to uniquely reach youth and women within the Concord/Charlotte area. She opens up her home and empowers young women to know their identity in Christ. After seeing miraculous changes within the youth she presently serves, God prompted her to create SOAR 40:31, which is based off of Isaiah 40:31. Through SOAR 40:31 she will further equip and raise up leaders in the faith, to walk in their identity and purpose.  Her heart burns to see deliverance and purpose renewed in this generation. All prayers, donations and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!
To learn more about Stacy’s Work with SOAR  40:31, please view the project page: